HR Kit is the Business Social Platform that creates employee engagement!

Statistics from says that 85% of employees globaly, are not engaged or
they are actively disengaged. Disengagement costs to companies $7 trillion per year in losses.
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Our Clients

Tons of Functions

HR KIT is a toolkit that helps
your employees to engage and act

HR KIT is the REAL Business Social Media platform that combines employee engagement, employee surveying, feedback, workgroups, messaging, voip and video conference, reporting, rewarding and many more

HR KIT can be customized to the needs of each company.  It is upgradable constantly with new features
Our goal is a better working environment

We believe in a workplace where employees can thrive by collaboration

We dreamt and delivered a platform with a promise to give employees what they need to engage in their work and their colleagues and drive results for the company and society.

Company Culture

What HR Kit brings to a company

• Improves business critical collaboration
• Improves employee efficiency overall by creating groups
• Adapts the social media philosophy
• Creates employee confidence and commitment
• Brings transparency about company, hierarchy and reference lines
• Spreads information easily throughout the organization
• Increases internal brand recognition of the company
• Increases the effectiveness of the HR Department

Reduce Cost with a one stop toolkit

HR KIT has no need for intergration with 3rd party apps


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