2 times Awarded Employee Engagement software for Improving Company Culture

“Our GROUP of companies loves HR KIT because it’s popular and easy to use”


Reinveting the wheel

HR KIT was awarded
2 times for innovation

HR KIT is the award-winning employee engagement app that brings your employee experience to wherever your employees may be. HR KIT is HR on the go. It delivers Employee Engagement from the desktop onto the smartphone, so your employees can access without the need of a computer

As an employee engagement app, HR KIT is a powerful tool for improving company culture. According to third-party research, it offers

  • Efficiency improvement
  • Engagement improvement
  • Digitisation of business
  • Personnel retention
  • Talent management
  • Employee Development
Our goal is a better working environment

About HR KIT idea!

Chat, Group and engagement Platforms can be seen as an evolution of how companies and teams communicate and collaborate with each other. With the advent of an increasingly remote and globally diverse workforce, the need to communicate quickly and efficiently is paramount.

It Combines employee engagement, employee surveying, feedback, workgroups, messaging, voip and video conference, reporting, rewarding and many more in one stop platform

Our platform

What HR Kit
brings to a company

• Improves business critical collaboration (Ex: Escalations)
• Improves employee efficiency overall by creating groups
• Creates employee confidence and commitment
• Brings transparency about company, hierarchy and reference lines
• Spreads information easily throughout the organization
• Increases internal brand recognition of the company
• Increases the effectiveness of the HR Department
• Enables communication between management and the organization
• Reduces stationery costs
• Provides engagement improvement
• Brings digital transformation of business
• Provides employee Development
• Reduces amount of time spent checking and responding to email
• Reduces amount of time spent in meetings

“We are amazed on how it brings
the company together. Employees
from different countries and departments
can contact each other”

About Us

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HR KIT helps and boosts company culture through its2 times award-winning employee experience platform. HR KIT builds teams, company culture and functional collaborations, all made in transparency and a culture of continuous growth. We believe in a workplace where employees can thrive by making performance, collaboration their culture. HR KIT was Founded in 2019. To request a demo, please use the form